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    Newbie Question

    So i just got my wii and have been talking to someone about buying a

    "100% Solderless D2PRO9 V3 for D2C/D2C2/D2E + Triwing&Cross Screwdriver set"

    for $84.95.

    im pretty good with computers not good at soldering and was wondering:
    1. is this the right chip to get for my wii?
    2. if this is the right set for me?
    3. if this is the best price?
    4. is there a newbie guide in this forum to answer such questions?


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    idk, do you think i got magic powers, where i can assume you got ___ wii? *find out via the wii serial number*
    Yeah, you would never guess, but its "read befor posting" =\ got to hate those threads with missleading titles

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    thanks for the link

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