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Thread: Looking for help and broken/dead wiis

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    Looking for help and broken/dead wiis

    Hello, I come from another modding forum called Modretro.
    I am looking for people who know their way around the wii hardware or people that have dead Wiis they could spare for a little project i am working on.

    So the project i am working on is the first portable wii but the more interesting part is how small I can get the wii.
    I have all the parts for the portable coming in the mail and know my way around the n64 just not he wii. I contributed somewhat in making the smallest n64 mobo/I had the first known working one. My friend Beta did 99% of the work i just did he cutting and wiring.

    So anybody can help me out by donating a broken/dead Wii or their time and knowledge?
    Please PM me if interesed
    You will get more than your share of credit and thanks if you help.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    - Bo

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    Kinda getting to the point of spam with this.

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    Sorry I just need help. so I posted it in he three best places.

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    Yeah, please don't spam the boards with your request for help!
    I understand you're taking on a project, and that's great!
    But this section of the forum really isn't the place.
    You've posted in the intro, and Buy/Sell/Trade forums, so
    let's just leave it at that!
    This thread is closed.


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