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Thread: Save Game Data, Uninstall Homebrew, Reformat Wii

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    Save Game Data, Uninstall Homebrew, Reformat Wii

    Hey guys,
    I've been pulling my hair out for the past couple of days.
    Heres my problem. I hacked my wii with the homebrew channel and now I'm regretting it. Some channels dont work on my Wii and but more importantly Zelda TP doesn't work. I load it the game and its just a blank black screen. I have the newest version of the home brew channel and my wii is version 4.3u.

    I just want out. I don't want the hack anymore, I just want my Wii to work. I considered just uninstalling the hack except, i cant figure out how to do it properly. Any thoughts?

    I could just reformat my Wii but I don't want to lose my super smash data and mario kart data because apparently there isn't a way to save those games on ur sd card. I've heard of this game save manager thing but if I used that and reformatted my Wii, I would have to hack my new reformatted Wii to get the game data off it. So that would kind of defeat the purpose.

    Is there anyway way I can fix my wii without losing my game data and without hacking my new reformatted Wii. OR is there a way I can fix my system or remove the hack??

    Please anyone that could help, that would be awesome.


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    If a game blackscreens, it is probably due to an outdated or missing IOS. Same for the channels. There is a list of which IOS games use. You can install the IOS you need with a wad manager.
    An alternative solution, but also a riskier solution, would be to use system menu X. It allows you to update, while retaining all of your hacks. Updating should fix the blackscreens. Be warned: this is an advanced modification!
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    Thank you so much,
    Can you please direct me to the IOS list because I'm having trouble find the correct one.
    Thanks again

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    Have a read here

    edit: You do realize that if you are trying to play a backup of GC games, you need a cMIOS... and a Wii capable of playing said backups also...
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    No, im just trying to fix my Twilight Princess game. When I try to play it, I get a black screen of death so Bliepo told me I need update my IOD file for Twilight Princess. Please Help me cuz I'm lost


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    What I found it requires IOS9, but if you have a new Wii, you should be good to go. Are you using Neogamma to boot your GC discs?

    edit: look over this thread here and make sure you have everything
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    I have a launch wii with the latest update of 4.3u.
    No I am not using Neogamma to boot GC dics, they just boot the normal way.
    I'm confused tho, I'm not trying to boot a GC game, the version on twilight I have is for the wii.
    I may just be miss understanding you.

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    Oh, OK, was thinking of the gamecube game. OK, you said you hacked your Wii and got homebrew on it. Well, did you continue on and install the necessary cIOS you need? There is more to modding the Wii than just putting the homebrew channel on. Did you follow a WiiHacks guide?

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    No i just have the homebrew channel,
    To be honest I dont remember what guide I used, It was a while ago but it sounds like i missed a step lol
    Ok so i need to install the cIOS
    How do I know which one I need for Zelda and how do I go about installing it on my wii?

    Btw thanks for your help, as if you couldnt tell already I'm new at this

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    Read here, and go to Chapter 1, Part 1, and click the spoiler that reads Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed. I assume you did install BootMii and created a backup of your NAND. If you want, you can start from the very beginning of the guide, no harm done. It will just overwrite what is already there.,

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