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Thread: Upgraded SD Card

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    Upgraded SD Card

    I am running the latest CFG USB Loader with a 2GB SD card and my games all load fine with the images and the CFG USB Loader theme that I picked. I upgraded to a 32GB SD card and copied everything from the existing SD card to the new one. Everything loads fine but I have no game images and my theme is gone. All games have a ? on them and theme is white. I tried downloading covers again but with no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    That has happened to me a few times switching from one SD to another. In my case the cards were the same size, but different speed rating. You know, the little number's with circles around them on, printed all small....but yes this has happened to me, using a backup on my computer to an SD. Both SD's have worked in the Wii before as well. The covers are in the folders in the usb-loader folder, but they don't show up. Not sure what's up, but seemed to fix it using the existing working card, and didn't fix what wasn't really broke. . Haven't messed with it really since, but may look into it.

    Edit: Don't believe I'm using the "latest" version (alpha/beta). But the last "release" I'm sure.

    Maybe try doing a full format of the new card and see if that helps.


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