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Thread: Buying Moded Wii in Singapore--Issues?

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    Buying Moded Wii in Singapore--Issues?


    I was considering buying a moded Wii here in Singapore for around $310 with three games. My first question is that are there any downsides of buying a foreign Wii as I plan to only be here for about a month and use it primarily in the States. Will I have trouble getting on the WiiConnect24 if I buy a foreign Wii? Any compatability issues? Especially with games? Thanks, I'm new to the Wii so don't know much.

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    Hi wiensalzburg,

    It depends... im not sure what kind of system they use there, I assume PAL?

    If you are going to be spending the majority of your time in the US, I would suggest you getting a NTSC wii as you may encounter problems finding PAL versions...

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    I wouldn't recommend it. Just because it's impossiable right now to fully crack the Wii Region protection. Which, means your going to have a hard time finding games that work correctly.

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    Thanks, I was all set to go out and buy one, I guess I can wait another month til I get back to the states...hopefully they be lower in price, probably not

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    Hmm, just came across this forum. I will be bringing back my Wii from US to Singapore. I will tell you how it fares. FYI, the US version does not have "Singapore" as a country selection, it is technically not for use in Singapore.

    From what I have gathered on the internet, consoles in both countries use NTSC-U. Will be in Singapore from 15 May onwards and would need to purchase an AC Adaptor before I can test it out.

    Editted: You can get a Wii with for $310 USD? The conversion rate is around 1.52, rounding up to 1.6, it is $496 SGD? In my knowledge, a normal set goes for the retail price of $500 SGD, not modded and no free 3 games. So maybe that set is not a local set and could be an import set.
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    according to many Singapore forums that I have read, Wii has been overpriced in Singapore and it is the same set as the US version. Only the US version comes with a 110V (only) AC Adapter. Not sure if the Singapore version comes with a 220V (only) AC Adapter or a universal adapter.


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