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Thread: Help! Wii will no longer read discs

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    Help! Wii will no longer read discs

    Please can someone help. Bought the kids a Wii for Xmas, and today it has stopped reading discs.

    It has been downgraded and a homebrew channel set up (courtisy of my husband). All was working ok until today, when he fiddled with it again (but swears it was working!!). Our daughter put in Zelda (PAL) to play, when apparently it came up that it could not read the disc and the screen went "black and there was lots of white writing down the side" so she switched it off

    It is now not recognising any discs, original or copy. Checked the regional settings and the UK has vanished from the list of "home country" settings.
    Can someone please tell what has happened and how we can fix the problem.

    Thanks in advance

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    it sounds like she messed up the homebrew channel, you got to get more info from them, because theres too much lacking

    but i would assume, since she was installing it, it got corrupted, you might need to online update then redo it all *just a thought*

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    He has formatted it, no joy there, as the homebrew channel has now been deleted. He recons nothing else has been done. What info is lacking?

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    Done all that, the updates are current, tried again. She was trying to play the game, and it sounds like an automatic update to 3.4 came up which was the point in which she shut it down. The wii now has v3.4 on it. Regional setting however are still not in line with PAL, and UK as home country has vanished.

    Would a Mod Chip resolve the problem?

    Can you also tell me what Error code 205958 is please as this has just come up. Cheers


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