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Thread: Green Screen on Startup ... bricked?

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    Green Screen on Startup ... bricked?

    I'm getting a green screen with a pink line on the left and quite a bit of "noise" on it when I boot up my wii. The controller can power up the wii, but once it's on the controller can't connect or power it off. There wasn't anything I can think of that triggered it. I didn't install anything or delete anything. It was working one day and the next it wasn't. I thought it might be a bad cable or sd card but removing the sd card did nothing. The cables are securely connected on both ends and bad cables wouldn't keep the controllers from being able to connect to the wii. Also, I don't think there is a disc in it. I can push another disc about as far in as I want, but the motor that sucks the discs in doesn't work.

    I've been trying to find some info on my problem since yesterday and haven't been able to come up with anything. Has anyone had this experience before? Is it bricked? Does it sound like a bad processor? I'm very grateful for any insight anyone can offer.

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    More information

    I realize that a little more information might be helpful to diagnose my problem. It's not the typical game green screen problem that is fairly normally (at least I don't think it is.) The remotes are not synced to the wii but they can turn it on. I was having problems getting one of them to sync to the wii the last time I played it. Also, it is softmodded 4.3u. The light is green when I turn it on, the disc drive flashes one time, and I have to long press the power button to turn it off each time, which results in a red light. I'm wondering if it might be a bad composite cable, but I still can't get the controllers to sync when it's turned on, which is why I've ruled that out, but that might be faulty logic.

    What is the best way for me to about continuing my diagnosis on the machine? I'd rather not buy a $15 cable just to test it. My tv hangs on the wall and the cable runs through a conduit to a closet on the other side of the wall where the wii is, so it would be quite a hassle running another cable through it just to test it. Here's a picture of the screen I get on startup.


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