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Thread: Please, please, please help a newbie!!

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    Please, please, please help a newbie!!

    As soon as i connected my wii to the net it told me i needed an update which i duly allowed!! what a mistake!!
    I am now running 3.4e firmware and want to install the homebrew channel, i followed a tutorial off youtube that seemed to work right up to the point that the homebrew channel should install, then it said.......installation failed and gave me error code 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is doin my head in and i really wanna set this up, can anybody give me a plain english instruction on what to download so i can set up the homebrew channel on my wii.....................please!???

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    Utterly amazing!!!

    I cant thank you enough!!

    Ive spent all night trying to do that and u sort it in minutes!! thank you, thank you.

    If i could ask for a little more of your time, would it be a cheek to ask if you could steer me in the direction of the same kind of info regarding what i need to do in order to play copied wii games, i.e reverting the firmware back to 3.3

    many thanks again, your a star

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    you should revert to 3.2. use Any Region Changer to downgrade.

    when launched, the Warning will show then it will tell you to press 1. Then select the option to Install System Menu 3.2.

    As for playing backups, not entirely sure. I don't really have an interest in doing so. So, I haven't tried it yet.
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