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Thread: A question about WiiKey and more

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    A question about WiiKey and more

    IŽve recently bought a Wii, the guy i bought it from haveŽnt used it for 3 years, but it got Wiikey and usb-loader installed.
    Now to my questions
    1. WIth the WiiKey chip i can run both pal and ntsc, right?
    2. Can i still run both pal and ntsc from a HDD then?
    3. USB-loader is old, there are better options right? Like wii-flow or usb-loader gx, are there any major differences (except appereance) between those?
    4. With wii-flow or usb-loader gx, i use Wii backup manager to transform the .isos to .wbfs, this is necessary for usb-loader to be able to read the game right?
    5. usb-loader gx still reads .wbfs files from a fat32 HDD right?
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    Well im a newbie and yet to softmod mine this week

    What i gather you need the homebrew channel, also.if u see usb.loader then plug in the 2nd usb.port a hard drive which should have been formatted via that pc program that formats it to correct file type.

    And then sort out ya isos in that from pc to hd to use in wii, theres a wii iso checker for.pc to check correct file type, it think a program.that also changes region of games as well, read the user guides and you tube


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