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Thread: Questions regarding WiiWare and Triiforce.

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    Questions regarding WiiWare and Triiforce.

    I have one Wii with some WiiWare installed via Nintendo download. I assume that even though that Wii has been softmodded, the installed WiiWare is not rewritting my NAND each time I use it. I would like to use the games on other softmodded Wiis that I own. Why can't I just install directly to the NAND and not have the wear issue? I only have a small number of games that are dl'd. I like having the load screen channel for the kids, makes it easy for them to get to.

    If I have to go with a NAND emulator, I think I will use Triiforce... Really not sure which option to use. I would like to load and save to a USB drive, not the SD card. I think the SD card will wear out before a HDD will.

    I am open to any suggestions, in fact I am hoping someone with much more knowledge will chime in and present a good option for me. I have read the Triiforce guide and that is a major guide to, in my case, achieve so little.

    Thanks Matt

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    mighty channels this is good
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