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Thread: Upgrade the firmware on my wii to play more recent games. Help?

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    Question Upgrade the firmware on my wii to play more recent games. Help?

    i've followed Dogeggs's guide and successfull hacked my wii. i was able to play games such as paper mario and mario galaxy 2 off a 2gb usB, however i recently perchased a 16GB usb to play larger games off and don't have a clue why its not working, i think that i need to upgrade perhaps? "All done! You will now have the safety/hacks of Priiloader & Bootmii, NeoGamma R8 backup loader, cIOS249 r17, IOS38,53,55,56,57 & 58 for newer games and IOS50 to help prevent disc update bricks. If you ever need to access Priiloader's settings hold down 'reset' when switching your Wii on." This is what i have currently but i want to update this to play games such as black ops. could someone advise me very specificly what to do as i am new to this? or maybe link me a solution? Thanks!

    William Doole

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    Post a system check so we can see all that you have. I see that you didnt list a few cios's needed to play some games. Also you should introduce yourself.

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    updating the system menu gives you nothing in return...

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    Not i want to update the cIos to rev21 or something? does that make any different?

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    It makes a differance for some games,yes. It will not hurt anything by upgrading to rev21. If you are having issues with say Black Ops there is a guide for that game on what you need to get it to work.

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    Well can you link me a Tut? cuz im not really sure whats right and wrong :/

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    I am unable as I am at work and on my phone. Use the search for call of duty black ops guide.

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    read here....

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