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Thread: usb gx loader not showing games

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    usb gx loader not showing games

    I have been using my gx loader for over a year. Never any issues. I'm running gx loader version 2.1 ios249(rev17). Wii version is 4.0u. I have 31 games on a 120 gig hard drive. at the bottom of the page where all the games used to show up it states 53 of 120 gb free, GAMES 0! Now when i connect this hard drive to my pc and open up wbfs manager it shows all my games. So obviously i havent lost my games.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as this is my kids game system and theyre driving me insane. Thanks.

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    Install IOS58 from HERE! And try deleting GX config file, when you boot GX it will make another one!

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    Figured it out! I kept googleing and found a thread that the poster had the same problem. it turns out that the star on the top tool bar was selected. Once I deselected it, all my games showed up!


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