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Thread: Change region after softmod guide

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    Change region after softmod guide

    So, i followed mauifrog's softmod guide, so I switched my wii's region from PAL -> NTSC.
    Now im having second thoughts about it, so i wonder, if I want to change it back, is it possible? And in that case, how?

    also, will a Wii RGB cable work for me if im on NTSC?

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    Why would you do that...

    There's no difference between the two, except for the exploits if you're on 4.3.

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    Just download the files from chapter 2 of the guide
    Install system menu 4.1 for the region you want- all 3 wads
    Exit to HBC via the HBC loader from the app loader
    Run Any Region Changer and set the settings to the desired region
    Exit to HBC
    Install priiloader

    You already have all the cios, so you only need to install the correct system menu wads and change the region settings. If in doubt, just do all of chapter 2.
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    In the begining i wanted NTSC because I wanted to run in NTSC video mode or whatever its called.

    Anyway, thanks mauifrog


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