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Thread: Replace wii dvd-drive in order to run burned discs?

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    Cool Replace wii dvd-drive in order to run burned discs?

    hey everyone!
    Im pretty new to hacking wiis and stuff. I just managed to fully softmod my wii a couple of days ago, and as it seems my wii is too new to run burned discs. Now you probably are gonna tell me to run them by usb because thats what ive read in other forums. And yeah i do run them by usb and it works perfectly for wii games. But the thing is, i would like to be able to run gamecube games too. So i am wondering if it would be possible to run burned discs if i replace the dvd drive? Or is the problem something else?

    My wii is 4.3E softmodded with the help of this great tutorial:
    I am not totally sure what model my dvd drive is but im pretty sure it cant run burned discs and im just wondering if replacing it could solve the problem.

    And one other thing. Is the hardware any improved in the newer wiis? Or is it as simple as the older wiis simply are better?


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    I'm in the same situation. I was told to just switch the logic board for a quick solution. After ordering a DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C logic board and opening my wii I found out they are different models/size.

    If I were to buy a new D2C/D2E drive would I have to change my GC2-D4 in order for the new drive to work?

    The DMS/D2A/D2B/D2C logic board did fit on to my wii, and had all connecting wires connect except the drive laser wire. Is it possible to just change the laser with the new board instead of buying a new drive?
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