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Thread: Wiikey VS Wiikey Clone

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    Wiikey VS Wiikey Clone

    I'm just wondering what the difference between the two.

    Should I just go for the clone? Will I be able to upgrade?

    I want to mod my wii, money is not really the concern but if there is no difference i might as well get the clone...

    any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    The official Wiikey update will come out on May 15 so just wait and see if it will work on clones.

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    The update will not work on clones. Thay added that in the post.

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    If history shows us anything in ..clones this or clones that clones will have problems...some sooner ...some later....
    for now some clones are working well......some are definitely glitchy....

    have had a few wii brought to me because they didn't work....2 were due poor
    quality control.... pins shorted on wiikey , cut trace working for now....?

    the repair and the clone and install ....cost more than the Genuine Wiikey and install with support and warranty.........

    I would go for the Genuine...also helps towards development of new features..if you think about it.....


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