The Simple IOS Patcher is a modification of the original Trucha Bug Restorers. Its functions have been simplified and repaired. For patching is only the natural HW_AHBPROT flag set of the current homebrew channels needed and it also works on Wiis with the system menu 4.3.

It can patch IOS36, IOS60 and IOS70 IOS80 among others, with the Trucha bug or ES_Identify. Follow the onscreen instructions.


All patched IOS installed with SIP, will be signed with additional information such as Base IOS version and origin.
This information can be displayed by eg syscheck.
In addition to the patch version of AddTicket HW_AHBPROT patches was added so that should the -1035 error during installation of an IOS to be removed with SIP.

Source- wii-homebrew