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    nice to have found this place... hopefully i can get some games to work right... they're all out of position when i load them..... any suggestions?

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    Question need more detail's

    welcome we cant help without more specific detail's like is your wii modded,soft modded,ect. or are you using a hard disc & putting it in backwards?

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    well i have the twilight hack installed, and i have patched two games, running backup loader. i dont know what backwards means, but when i load the games, the very fisrts screen is normal, and when i get to the screen telling me to wear my strap, it is uncentered, and a little fuzzy. (screen is down and to the right). i am burning on sony cdc-r, i have burnt slowly at 2x and quick at 16x.... i dont know what settings i need in imgburn, and also what settings i need on the backup loader. by the way, both games are in pal, and i have a ntsc... i was under the impression that i could play these if i used force ntsc with the brick blocker... thanks in advance.


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