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Thread: Bricked again?!?

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    Bricked again?!?

    So I've softmodded my Wii three times now. The last two were after a mysterious "event" caused a "No signal" brick that was only recoverable by NAND reformat then mauifrog's Softmod any Wii guide. Somewhere in there my DVD drive stopped reading discs so we've been USB cfg loader only. Turns out coverflow has a high WAF... Awesome.

    Anyway tonight I went to copy an updated Mario Kart to the USB drive and some "event" happened again. I used Cfg USB loader "shutdown" function, then unplugged the USB drive, copied the files, then tried to power the Wii. Yellow light, no power. Held it 4 seconds, light went red, then pressed power again, got green light but "No signal" on screen.

    The Wii was blazing hot though. Oh and it did the little double-blink DVD light, I should have priiloader, boot2, etc. But removing SD and holding reset does nothing.

    My wiifixer SD card wouldn't load, also gave "No signal." I tried a few of the maybe 40 different variations of bootmii folders (wtf?) I have in my Wii files archives. Most gave no signal, but a few got me to the red letters "Failed to load IOS" I've seen before. Nooooooo! :-)

    So I'm pretty confused why all my Wii fixer stuff doesn't work. Why do only some of the bootmii variants even try to load? And what causes them to fail to load an IOS? I thought bootmii didn't need an IOS, it's some app that requests it. What app? Is it one of the files "armboot.bin", "ppcboot.elf", "boot.dol", or "startup.elf"?

    I've seen these symptoms before, and they resulted in NAND reformat, etc. Sounds not too bad except losing the savegames, Miis, etc. is more painful than you'd think. I copied all the savegames to SD last week but still it's like a root canal. (1) Want to find and squash the cause, (2) want to avoid NAND reformat and save-game loss.

    As always, I appreciate your time and patience in trying to help. We've really enjoyed the rejuvenated Wii!

    So I got the NAND reformatter bootmii to load BootMii, though it's pretty crippled, can't load any app at all except for the NAND reformatter. In the "info" screen though it shows NAND FS usage: 3.3%. Is that it then, the NAND is empty? If so, I pretty much have to reformat and start over again? Damn. I think this must've happened before, Wii on standby overheated, somehow erased the NAND?
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    Your nand is jacked. If you want to look at a possible cause make a new nand backup of the briced wii. Then run nandbincheck on the bricked nand.bin. It may point out a possible cause of your issue.
    nandbincheck can be found here- nandBinCheck (Wii Entry -- PC Software) -
    just do from shell-
    nandbincheck nand.bin -fs -all -v

    You can use the formater, but I would use ohneswanzenegger, found here- ohneswanzenegger (Wii Entry -- PC Software) -
    Use this nand.bin formater to format a copy of your new bricked nand.bin
    Then install 4.1 with the formater, setup the setting.txt
    Run nandbincheck on the new nand.bin and ensure all looks good
    Then restore your new nand.bin, you should have a nice clean wii
    Softmod again with my guide.

    Make sure your using semi up to date loaders

    If you like you can post the nandbincheck here of the bricked nand.bin for shits and giggles. I won't have much to say about it, but would enjoy looking at it.

    As for your ios failed to load error. This error is caused when loading cboot2 and no ios36 and under are working.
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    Interesting reading guys, I hope i never have to get this deep. Good luck!

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    The Wii was blazing hot though.
    This part concerns me. Is your fan working......


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