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Thread: A Wii Kid Friendly Remote

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    A Wii Kid Friendly Remote

    Parents of younger children might want to check out a new Wii Remote and Playchuk from ICON. It's currently listed on for around USD $34 and it's nothing more than a brightly colored Wiimote and nunchuk, but in smaller dimensions and larger buttons that fit those small hands. Comes in green or pink. It's garnered 3.5 stars so doesn't appear to be a slam-dunk winner, but maybe if your kid is really frustrated by that large and long Wiimote, you might want to take a look. Described as having an Easy Sync button where you don't have to remove the battery cover to synchronize the controller. As with any of the third-party devices, some have been reported to be less responsive that the Nintendo remotes.

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    I got one of these in pink for my 3 yr old daughter. Works great for all her games. No complaints here other than it uses AAA batteries.

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