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    Angry Need a Vent/Rant forum

    I'm not really a newbie, but don't expect a reply. I just need to tear out my hair in a place where I know others have felt my pain. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH My gdmfsoabdtoh (and I'm making a few up in there) hard drive has to decided to *maybe* crap out. It's a 1 terabyte My Book and runs EVERYTHING and stores EVERYTHING so if there's a way to save it, I'm trying it. I've finally decided to chuck everything and do a slow reformat using Acronis Disk Director and now I can't get it to even format ARGH!!!!

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    Thanks for not using bad language while venting and ranting. Because Acronis Disk Director failed to format that HDD, I wonder if your HDD reverted to RAW format. Reason for asking is that Windows can't manage a RAW HDD and it's not something one would normally expect our HDDs to do (revert to RAW). Can you see the HDD and the partition information? You might need a utility to examine that HDD to check. I presume you are not hearing the click of death-any clicking from that HDD is a sign of death or imminent death.

    Yes, HDD's are wonderful when they work and a major pain as they fail or slowly die as we work feverishly over the injured trying to revive life signs. Sorry to hear of your problems and best wishes.

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    I'm not a mac guy but feel your pain. I am working on a pc right now (that happens to be my wife's) and and cursing the gods of mini pc's for not including an optical drive. This type of rant would be considered acceptable for the lounge, but a rant section isn't that bad of an idea. Thanks for the suggestion!


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