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Thread: modChip-Wii from 2008 returning Worried about Bricking

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    Ca modChip-Wii from 2008 returning Worried about Bricking

    Hello I haven't used my console wince late 2008. I had it chipped back then by a friend and am unfamiliar with what what exactly used. I downloaded a new game and when I put it in, it recquired a newer software version but I have no clue what has been happening in the wii world in the past 3 years. I am here looking for someone to hold my hand and tell me everything will be alright. Is there a way to get my heritage wii back to use?

    Much thanks,

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    I'll close your thread instead, I don't hold hands on the first date, sorry, kind of a OCD thing for me. You failed bad when you stated you downloaded a game, read the rules of the forum please.

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