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Thread: sysCheck b10

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    sysCheck b10

    final Beta 10:
    download - - syscheck - syscheck b10 - Wii syscheck - Google Project Hosting
    source - here


    The base IOS detection was improved (including support for the most popular Pimp My Wii CIOS)
    The base IOS was accelerated recognition
    To speed up the new base IOS detection is HW_AHBPROT used if it is not available, the detection takes longer (please test whether use syscheck now like all the other apps HW_AHBPROT hangs if no WiFi connection is available)
    The hashes of all the installed IOS are automatically written to the file "IOSsyscheck.log" on the SD card
    Patched IOS SIP 1:13 are now recognized on the new Base IOS recognition.

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    Thanks stomp_442 this is a useful app.


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