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Thread: Wii Controller problem. (NOT FOLLOWING A GUIDE)

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    Question Wii Controller problem. (NOT FOLLOWING A GUIDE)

    Ok, I had to make a new thread due to a moderator closing the thread before I had a chance to reply (or edit) saying I DID NOT FOLLOW A GUIDE. But I have having a problem where my wii controller cuts off when I attempt to do anything in the homebrew channel. NOT JUST WHAT'S ON A GUIDE, ANYTHING (Yes, that means the default stuff already on there).

    I hope I don't get banned, but I really need help.

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    One more time, did you follow a WiiHacks guide for your softmod? If not, do so and stop making fail posts on the forum.

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    A guide is a step by step procedure to accomplish something. You need to follow one, as the random method isn't gonna work for you.

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    I noticed you ignored a specific directive given to you by a mod in your previous thread here --- I really don't think things are going to end well for you...

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    NO I DIDN'T, you just locked me before I could say anything (That was a fail action my friend).

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    Then search the forum for the Softmod ANY Wii guide and do a proper mod then.

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    Regardless, this is not the way to get answers or helpful advice... be aware, your posting is perilously close to actionable (not in a good way) by staff here...

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    Just delete these threads then, it would have been rather simple to get advice rather then these "warnings" about my posting.

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    I'll just close it instead. Do a proper softmod, then if you have problems, ask questions in the guide you followed.


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