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Thread: Wii Controller problem.

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    Us Wii Controller problem.

    Hello. After I installed the Homebrew Channel and such, I've been having problems navigating on it. Whenever I attempt to install something, my Wii Controller cuts off, and doesn't come back on. It attempts to connect back to the Wii, but never does. I've tried to install several items, but whenever I get to the installation menus, it does this.

    Help? I've searched the forums and have not found 1 thread concerning this.


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    Uh huh, follow a guide from WiiHacks? What are you trying to install?

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    I'm trying to install cios and the usb program, but every time I get to them, the wii mote does this. With ANYTHING on the Homebrew channel. Oh and also when BootMii comes up instead of the Wii Menu, it does the same thing.

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    OK, if you are following a guide here then your questions belong in that guide. Thread closed.


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