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Thread: Non-modded Wii erased / does not see saved games on SD card

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    Exclamation Non-modded Wii erased / does not see saved games on SD card

    The Wii I am using is not in bad condition. It was purchased new a few months over a year ago. It has been handled carefully with no trauma onto the system or the card. The card with the problem is one of the SanDisk cards (2 GB) made specifically for Wii systems. The card has rarely been taken out of the Wii and does not appear to have any physical damage to it.

    It was all working perfectly fine until about a month ago when I went to continue working on one of my games and suddenly the Wii did not acknowledge any saved data. All of my saved games seem to have disappeared.

    The card is not locked and I know it is my card. There is some information on my card as I looked at it on my computer and there were files there although I am not sure what they are exactly. I've since left it alone.

    I'm hoping to be able to retrieve most if not all of my saved games or at least find out how to prevent this from happening again.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    should be able to copy all the data from your old card to any new sandisk card that is 2GB. as far as i know the files are not encrypted just the contents of the files are.

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