I modded my wii about two months ago successfully using the IndianaPwns hack and have been happily playing games ever since (I believe!!) using v1.1 of wiiflow.

The other night I decided to download the latest version of wiiflow from the official site I loaded it onto a SD card and ran it via the homebrew channel, a frontend saying wiiflow was displayed with a cd rom icon moving back and forth I noticed the led on the cd drive was flashing also, unsure at what was happening at this point I decided to leave it for about 5-10 minutes, however nothing happened. Unable to continue and exit I decided the only option was to force the wii power of and put it back on. This went fine and the wii loaded back up ok, however now whenever I try to load the homebrew channel alls i get it a blackscreen.

I have searched the forum and noticed alot of problems reported with the blackscreen issue and have followed those suggestions in recovering the homebrew channel with no success. I have also tried to re-mod the wii using IndianaPwns but after removing and reinstall the homebrew channel it still goes to a blackscreen.

Can anyone help please and also maybe suggest what I did wrong in the firstplace

The wii itself is fine.