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Thread: 3DS update?

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    3DS update?

    Just wondering... Did someone updated his 3DS after using Acekard2i? Does it brick?
    Thx for the answers...

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    it shouldnt brick but will most certainly stop backups from working until acekard2i is updated.

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    no bricks, but for some of us despite what the R4i Gold websites say, they are not loading either...we'll just have to wait for updates as well
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    Acekard 2i update works with 3DS new update thats why they took so long,they knew this was coming,i have a thread about this
    [SPOILER]AK2i update for 3DS2.0 and DSI1.4.2

    This update support 3DS2.0 and DSi1.4.2. Please refer to readme file in the package. AK2i of HWID44 can be updated this time too. But AK2i of HWID44 can't be recognized after using power button to reset console. You need power off console and turn it on again.
    Firmware Update of AK2i for 3DS2.0 and DSi1.4.2


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    Ok, updated 3DS and the Acekard2i, and both works fine.

    I posted this message from my 3DS.
    Thanks to all.
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