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Thread: Unable to read the game disc (mario aniversary edition)

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    Unable to read the game disc (mario aniversary edition)

    I get this error loading my Mario 25 year anniversary disc. It is a physical retail copy of the game and it worked 4 months ago (or something) I haven't played that game since and I think I modded my wii after my first session. That makes me believe that the hack/mod has to do something with this.
    So I used a guide here, I have priiloader and hbc installed and well, I can't remember much more than that. Any ideas? Do I need a special ios maybe?

    I am also thinking that this game might need an update? But I blocked that with priiloader..
    anyway, I am a bit lost as you might understand so help would be greatly appreciated

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    Take a look at the guide HERE

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    Oh thank you for the quick reply! Will read up on it.


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