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Thread: LulzSec Hacker Arrested

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    LulzSec Hacker Arrested

    Around 11 a.m., Sony Computer Entertainment’s Developer Network Source Code was hacked and uploaded to several file sharing websites by a group of hackers known as Lulz Security (LulzSec) under the Twitter name @LulzSec.

    One member of the group, Robert Cavanaugh, was apprehended and taken into custody by the FBI after an apparent counter hack, according to an internal chat log from their private IRC server, posted through SecList, a network mapper website.

    The developer network source code leaked by the group on June 6 is principally the design recipe for the resource network where developers embed their programming, like PlayStation games. With it, hackers would be able to make changes to it, reverse-engineering the network and creating duplicates or different versions.

    They would also be able use the source code to find holes in the system and exploit them, wreaking further havoc on Sony’s already battered network security team.

    Although previous hacks into the network allowed many people to illegally download games for free and access Sony programming resources, it is possible that with the source code, a hacker could potentially duplicate a form of the network so that he would have constant real time access to it.

    LulzSec has been targeting Sony in particular due to legal action that Sony took in January against hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3 system.

    LulzSec, among other individual hackers, have compromised Sony computer networks multiple times in the past few weeks following the highly publicized PlayStation Network hack.

    They recently breached Sony Pictures and stole 150,000 records, claiming they had access to a database with more than 4.5 million records. LulzSec stated “ was owned by a very simple SQL injection, one of the most primitive and common vulnerabilities, as we should all know by now. From a single injection, we accessed EVERYTHING. Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these simple attacks?”

    The recent hack is also significant in that it comes only a day before the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in which Sony is expected to publicly and directly apologize for their response to the PSN and Qriocity breach in April, while also introducing new technology and products.
    Source- theepochtimes
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    Apparently the guy that has been arrested is not a member he is just a hang around.

    Info from:
    Hacking Group: "It's The Beginning Of The End For Sony", [Promises Hacks Right Now] - Page 34 - NeoGAF

    Dear Internets,

    Herro! Recently some of you may have seen "LulzSec exposed" logs floating around. We'd like the time to say this: LOL. Those logs are primarily from a channel called #pure-elite, which is /not/ the LulzSec core chatting channel. #pure-elite is where we gather potential backup/subcrew research and development battle fleet members, i.e. we were using that channel only to recruit talent for side-operations.

    Note that people such as joepie91/Neuron/Storm/trollpoll/voodoo are not involved with LulzSec, they just hang out with us in that channel. Also, "ev0", who was allegedly arrested (?) was never a part of LulzSec or in fact the subcrew. We don't even know who he is.

    Despite the fact that we're laughing heartily right now, we do take care of our subcrew, and as such the person who leaked those logs (m_nerva) has been completely hacked inside and out. We have all his online accounts, all his personal information, all the illegal things he's done on record. We destroyed him so hard that he sat there apologizing to us all night on IRC for what he did. His mother probably spanked him after we wrecked his home connection. Uh-oh, m_nerva!

    Our core chatting channel remains unaffected. Our core LulzSec team is at full strength. The Lulz Boat sails stronger than ever, nice try though.

    TL;DR we are too sexy to be sunk, hacking continues as usual, u mad bros?

    Lulz Security® (LulzSec), the world's leaders in high-quality entertainment at your expense
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    They just did it for the "lulz"

    The group's latest effort is unlikely to create much controversy. After all the affected party was asking for it-- literally.

    LulzSec defaced the homepage of the "Cybersecurity For The 21st Century, Hacking Challenge" sponsored by Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC. Black & Berg who do contract work for government agencies and private companies writes:
    Change this website's homepage picture and win $10K and a position working with Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Joe Black.

    You can probably guess where this is going. LulzSec altered the page background slightly and photoshopped their monocled mascot into the picture displayed on the page. And amusingly they refused the cash prize stating:


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