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Thread: Question regarding SD card usage and removal with softmod 4.3u wii

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    Us Question regarding SD card usage and removal with softmod 4.3u wii

    Ok, so I did the softmod following the guide yesterday. I have a great, useful 4.3u Wii now, thanks for the guide.

    I find that in order to use USBLoader channel I must have my SD card installed. I used the same SD card and formatted at each step of the process, when required. Is there a way to mod the install so that I can run without the card in place? My hdd is formatted FAT32, when USBLoader loads, I have an error message that indicates that the drive is NTFS. If I search for a partition it finds partition #1 as FAT32 and loads it without issue, it also has no problems loading or playing games or movies. So, what did I not do properly? I have read the guide many times before doing the mod and I am just not sure.

    Thanks Matt

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    No idea why it doesn't find the fat32 right off the bat. I use CFG and Wiiflow to load via usb if you want to try those. As far as running stuff without an sd, the easiest way would be to drop another $5 on an sd card just for the wii. You can install the loaders as channels, but it's a lot easier to have a good cheap sd that is just for the wii.

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    Not worried about leaving a card in the wii, just wondered. Can I move or copy mii's and saves from a stock 4.3 win\i, the kids would really like not starting over.

    Thanks Matt
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