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Thread: Some Disc Read Errors (After Reading Advice)

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    Some Disc Read Errors (After Reading Advice)

    Hey All,

    Ive read up on what to do with the wii before i bought anything so ive now ran out of ideas.

    Ive got quite a few games that work ok but some give a disc read error at anytime in the game (wii sports works fine and is original), all games are PAL.

    Ive used verbatim dvd-r's with imgburn using 2x.

    The wii is currently using a d2e drive with a d2pro9 (Version 3 & 1.7) and on firmware 3.1.

    Ive tried booting the games using RegionFree 1.5 but its still the same.

    Its not a major problem, it doesn't happen every 5 minutes or something, maybe just once in the game at random and if i eject the disc and put it back in it works fine.

    I was just wondering if there was any kind of fix or is it just re-burn the game?

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    oh, mine does that, its usually just dirty =P

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    The mario kart read error was using the scrubbed image, ive used the un-scrubbed version and it works great.

    Also, the rest of the read errors seem to of been fixed by enabling the block updates in starfall, instead of booting through regionfree 1.5. for example wsc 08 would crash at the logo screen, but now with the patch it works fine.

    This is just incase anyone else has a similar problem.


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