Mighty Loader is a minimalist USB Loader for Wii, based on original Waninkoko's code and adapted to the newest games that are being released in order to increase the compatibility.

-USB Loader (no SD support)
-Supports only WBFS partitions
-Minimalist & fast GUI Ocarina cheats
-Automatic alternative DOL selection
-IOS reloading support with cIOS d2x
-Different IOS can be specified for games
-Download covers from wiitdb.com
-Wii Play Log support
-A button: play game
-1 button: config game games
-B button: sort games
-HOME button: home menu

-IOS reloading support with cIOS d2x
-perfect compatibility with Metroid Prime Trilogy, CSI, Sam & Max, Metal Slug Anthology...
-remember that this is only possible with cIOS d2x and disabling alternative DOL option

Source- Mighty Loader v16 - La página de Marc