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Thread: Questions regarding updating Wii Shop Channel alone.

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    Talking Questions regarding updating Wii Shop Channel alone.

    I'm new to home-brew and Wii hacks, but I followed a guide to update my Wii Shop Channel yesterday without actually updating the whole official firmware however after I updated Nintendo was running a server maintenance. After waiting for the maintenance to be done, I found out that it required me to once again update. Is there a new method to update my Wii to the LATEST Shop firmware or any guides out there to automatically update my Wii Channel to the latest version without actually updating my system overall? Thank you, any replies are appreciated.

    P.S. I have 4.2u firmware running home-brew.

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    Nope, what is it exactly? I'm still new to soft-modding Nintendo Wii's.

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    after you update your softmod with the guide mentioned above, and the shop channel, for some reason, is still updated, you can download NUS (on here search for it) and read the guide on how to use it to get the WAD for the shop channel. Or if you would like i can attach it here for you.

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