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Thread: Slowly games with Wasabi DX

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    Slowly games with Wasabi DX

    I have a 4.3E with Wasabi DX (firmware v4) and all backups run ok. But some games ask you for update, try with Wiibrickblocker for delete the update from ISO, normally later dont ask and run correctly. If you need update obligatory, connect to internet and update from the Wii.

    My Wii had 3.4E and Wasabi DX when i buyed, and i update some times to 4.3E and all run ok.

    I have DX too and i update from v2 to v3 without problems. Use verbatim -r with imgburn at 3x. Turn on Wii, insert the v3 DVD, press 3 times eject and start the GC disck from channel. You have connect the Wasabi DX with clip or cabledata??

    Hello, i have connected Wasabi DX at Wii 4.3E with cable data (to run at 3x). I burn the backups on verbatim -r with Imgburn at 3x.

    I have some backups run slowly as:
    - Wii Party: on menu music is paused and slowly for select any game.
    - Just Dance 2: every some seconds, the game paused and appear "Reading disc.." and later continue to other pause.
    - House of dead overkill: run slowly and is dificult shoot because i cant try ok.
    - Medieval games: run very very slowly, is impossible play.
    - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: i cant play, because the race start ok, but later dissapear the road and i only see the cars and the horizont, i cant see the road.
    - GT Club Supermini: run very slowly, is impossible play.

    Only this backups, because i have more and all run ok and with problems.

    Any body have the same problem with DX trought data cable??? I dont know if i need connect my DX with clip for run at 6x and solved the problems, or is problem with my DVDs. Thanks!!
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