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Thread: Semi bricked Wii ?

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    Semi bricked Wii ?

    We have had someone click yes to "update system" when loading a game though it must have been via disc as we werent connected to the net . It only went half way across the bar and froze . We restarted the wii and although it still shows the HBC and all original discs still play without a hassle ,all other disc via the HBC say "Disc Unreadable" . What to do ?
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    Re-softmod, use the softmod any wii guide in my sig below

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    Hi again , thanks for help before . Still having issues . Have tried to resoftmod ( programs on a 2gb Sandisk) but comes up with a " ? " when trying to load Bootmi and Homebrew ? Any ideas of what we can do ?

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    Still not sure ... maybe the sd slot isnt working ? Just wont recognize the sd card at all ?Am looking through the forums ... cant seem to see anything similar with anyone else ?

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    We had removed HBC after the system update (as it was not working) and have been trying to re softmod . It just shows as a ? when i place the sd card in the wii and wont load. Is there any way to system check when you dont have the HBC anymore ?
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    Try to do a full format of the sd card, not the quick format. If that doesn't work try a different sd card. Sandisk 2gb or smaller.


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