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Thread: MH3. I can go online but not offline o.O [ Needing Help ]

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    MH3. I can go online but not offline o.O [ Needing Help ]

    Alright so i messed up my SD card so i got a friends and copied everything on it and got my games and everything working but i recently noticed a Issue, when i try to go offline on Monster Hunter Tri (3) it stays loading forever.So i tried installing some ios's from a guide and nada. Then my bro came home turned on the wii and went online, so yes online is available and it never freezes in the loading screens. Unfortunately i cannot show you guys my ios's and stuff installed on my wii because i currently do not have access to my sd card reader :L! So if you guys have any possible ideas of what is causing this problem please post

    [ And woot my first post { new to forums ._. } so yea ._. now that i look at it its not to bad of a first post :P ]

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    OK, you need to do 2 things, Introduce Yourself and read the MH3 guide HERE, any questions relating to MH3 goes in that guide thread.

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