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Thread: Black screen comes up with usb loader gx 2

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    Unhappy Black screen comes up with usb loader gx 2

    sysCheck GX v1.0.0 by Erik Spyder

    This is my system check. can anyone tell me if anything is wrong with it, how to fix what's wrong with it, and if it has any relevance to my problem(as stated in the title)

    Also, if anyone could tell me what all the gibberish in the system check means that would be greatly appreciated , i like to know what im doing and whats happening at all times. i'd rather be able to understand whats wrong rather than fix it

    Also, on a side note, the games that seem to be working are the games that i bought and ripped using the loader. i also hard modded my wii so until now i have been burning games and playing them on dvds. it seems that the games that aren't working are the games that i ripped using usb loader gx from my burned dvds. thanks in advance
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    To be honest you are missing quite a few cios(s).
    Have a look at Mauifrogs Mod Any Wii Guide and redo the mod because yours looks a bit of a mess.
    Did you upgrade syscheck via the app? It is recommended to do a fresh install of gx rather than updating through the app.


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