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Thread: Can't play Starfox Adventures (strange case)

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    Can't play Starfox Adventures (strange case)

    Hi everyone, first post here after being helped a lot by all your info.
    Maybe this title is not news for you but actually I've already used the search option and also investigated on google but apparently nobody had this problem.

    Thing is, burned Starfox Adventures NTSC at 3.3x on a DVD-R. Once inserted on the console, the game appears on the disk channel and it launchs perfectly. I see the "Nintendo" and "Rareware" and then taken to the start menue. I go through Options and Audio of the game with no problems. Then I go to Start and creates me the save file. Then I press "Play Game" and immediately I get what it seems to be the static image of the begining of the game with the "An error has occurred..." panel while the audio of the game plays along.

    Same thing happens when I run the game with NeoGamma (R9 b47 IOS35, cMIOS installed).

    As you may imagine I have my Wii both softmoded and with a modchip installed. Version is 4.2U and chip is D2CKey.

    Everywhere i can see people who can't get to the menu at all or play the game with audio problems, i dont get any of that, its like im stuck in the middle. The curious thing is that in both ways the game does the same.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Bad burn/image? Crappy media? How does the original play?

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    Image was burnt twice at the lowest speed and same result.
    Original seems to play well and I can play other backups such as OoT Master Quest and Metal Gear Solid.

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    Then I would believe it is a bad image/dump of your game. Re-dump it and try again.

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    Re-dumped and also burned a downloaded iso and still the same thing.
    What puzzles me is the fact that the game runs perfect until I hit "Play Game" and gives me that annoying error, instead of playing with audio problems or crashing when the "Nintendo" logo appears, which seems to be the most common thing as I've seen on the internet

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    Well hopefully someone else can come along and help you out then, good luck and keep searching.

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    Thanks. Will do as soon as I recover some strength and will power :P

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