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Thread: FTPii or WiiVNC?

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    FTPii or WiiVNC?

    Hello, its me again.
    While having some fun on the homebrew browser, I came across two applications which i found quite interesting; FTPii and WiiVNC. I rushed to the internet, to find out how to set the up, but i was suggested websites that either didn't explain it properly, or had people who explained it so that I couldent understand a word they had typed up.
    In the post i ask the questions;
    Which is more safer and less likley to make a wii go belly up?
    Which is easier to set up?
    Which is BETTER?
    and how do you set them up?
    If my wii version effects the set-up of either of these apps, my wii version is 3.2.

    For the time being I have not installed a single program that either of the apps need to work off of. I havn't installed them yet either.
    Sorry if any inconveniance is caused.
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    This is the only one I have used.

    If you are looking to transfer games to hdd then you are out of luck! It would take for ever. It made for small file transfers like small apps etc that you cant get from hb browser.

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    Thanks! nah, i was just interested about the SD card editor thing. I heard with ftpii you could control your wii from your cpu, and for WiiVNC, vice versa. I just couldent make my mind up x)
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