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Thread: Neogamma Updater

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    Neogamma Updater

    This is a simple console application which downloads the latest Neogamma files from the internet. It's useful for those who use a forwarder channel or launch neogamma through Homebrew Channel as it allows them to quickly update their Neogamma with a double-click.

    Download HERE

    Place in the same folder as Neogamma (IMPORTANT!). Must be in the same folder as the neogamma "boot.dol". This is normally;

    The Future?
    - Maybe make it possible for it to check if it already has the latest files on the SD Card and not update as opposed to always updating regardless.

    - Allow it to download files in a .zip file and unzip it. Allowing it to do more (like the .wim files as it doesn't get those now.

    So what do you guys think?

    More info will be available at my blog in the future if I get this better.
    ShadowSonic2 Enter The Hedgehog

    Credit: WiiPower for making Neogamma
    Credit: ShadowSonic2 (me) for making this updater!
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    I will check it out when I get home

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    D/loaded. I have a couple of older beta's when I get home I'll test it out on there. I'd love not to have to update manually all the time lol. However the .zip unpacking feature is a definite necessity for those who don't have .wim files but either way can't wait to try it awesome app, I'll post when I done using it.

    Edit: Been busy, sorry but tonight will be a perfect day to try this out as R9 b50 has just been released. Oh and if all goes well I can't wait to see the updates you have in store for the future.
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