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Thread: Burning -R on +R burner??

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    Burning -R on +R burner??

    Is it possible Burning -R on +R burner??

    I have tried with infinti media and they work fine. Unfortunately i caanot find them anymore

    Now i have gone through a list of media and brought various types and none seem to work.

    Compatible DVD Media - Chiip-Wiki

    I have tried:

    Sony DVD+R 1-16x: Working on 16x (confirmed by Zosh). ID: SONY-D21-000

    Verbatim DVD+R 1-16x Lightscribe: Working on 16x (confirmed by Bitflusher on D2B). ID: MCC-004-000

    Now i read that its best to use -R media.

    Should i just buy a new -R burner? If so what is recommended?

    Or is it possible to burn -R media on a LG +R burner?

    Thank you for feedback.

    ^^ Is where i buy my media.

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    they usually work both ways, you can try it, if it doesnt work then thats that

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    Seem to work fine.

    Finally got a couple of games to show in the menu. However after starting them up..they play for a bit then i get a message saying..cannot read disc. Pls read manual for more info etc etc..

    Could this be because im using a wrong version of game. My wii is PAL

    Wii software version: 3.4E

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    if its edited it wont work


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