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Thread: cfg error after sofmoding with older sofmod any wii guide,

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    cfg error after sofmoding with older sofmod any wii guide,


    been using a guide from here i got a while back now for ages without any issues, it was the older softmod any wii guide, (4.3e guide)

    have done a few wii's with it for mates and never had issue,

    i did a softmod for a friend tonight, they were on 4.3e so used pawns,
    hbc, bootmi, priiloader all installed fine,

    then got to installing wads,
    all 43 of them, all again fine,

    loading from a 1tb fat32 wd elements,

    loaded up cfg v60 222-mload or so i thought it was cfg 222mload.
    and then bang got error 249 is a stubb please reinstall.

    so i thought hang on a min, in chapter 2 of guide it gets you to install 43 wads lol
    1 of them is Cios249r20b.base57.wad, so wtf??

    i checked with mmm and yup no c249, only stubbed, so i used mmm to delete stubb and reinstalled the above wad.
    hmmm still not working, cfg still coming back with same error, again checked mmm and NO c249!! even tho wad installed fine.

    in the end i had to get cios38 installer r17 i had from older mod on laptop, and install that via downloading files,
    and then checking in mmm to see if 249 installed, and all ok with 249
    i then because of using a fat32 hdd reinstalled the rev20.wad, and now bingo all ok,

    my question is why the hell did this happen???

    also even tho the hard drive is working on the wii, when i use the forwarder channel it starts up saying,
    249[frag] then

    but still the hdd loads up ok and all the games work fine, just weird, hmmm
    222mload is defo installed, i use it most of the time.

    looking on our friend google, seems might be to do with meta.xml. ????

    any help would be great, really confused me, becuase i've been using this guide for ages, the only thing i had changed i guess was the 249 wad, it used to be 269r17, but that only loads wbfs drives, but now on fat32 but figured changing just the 1 249 would have caused this issue could it?? its still a Cios249...
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