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Thread: Bricked wii?????

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    Bricked wii?????

    we gave my father a wii as a gift. He says he only watched 2 movies through netflix when he went to watch a movie last night and it said" system corrupt please see owners manual" What can we do to get my dad back up and Playing and watching his movies?
    EDIT: Just read I believe I have a banner Brick
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    Was the Wii softmodded (hacked)? If so, see if you have Priiloader installed. Shut down the Wii, turn it back on and hold reset while it boots up. If the Priiloader screen shows up, say so in this thread.

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    no it continue to go to health screen. I believe maybe a Banner Brick but not sure.

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    Sorry yes a softmod was performed.

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    I cannot go past the health screen.

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    Try holding down the +, - and A at the Health screen and see if you can get into maintenance mode. If you can then you can delete Netflix and reboot. If all is good at that point then reinstall Netflix.

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    cant do that it gos to the boot heath screen and thats it.

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    Do you have Priiloader or Bootmii/Boot2 installed?

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    i had bootmii but cant boot in to it

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