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Thread: MenuPatcher wont load? strange error

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    MenuPatcher wont load? strange error

    currently have 3.4E, followed all the guides etc, can run a dowloaded game after i patch it but wanna run a game without patching it.

    when i try to open Menupatcher i get this error

    error: could not identify as system menu (cet = -2011

    any idea's please? its driving me made lol

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    I get the same error???
    I have read that you need to reinstall cios 07 via network and then install menu patcher again and it works. However I can not find out how to install that via the network. I am sure someone with more knowledge than us will put us in the the right direction.

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    every time i start menu patcher i restart and i put the disc in and it just freezes wtf is going on?
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