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Thread: Error #002 for Non-Hacked Wii Game

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    Exclamation Error #002 for Non-Hacked Wii Game

    Recently purchased Wii game "Glee Karaoke Revolution 2 (w/microphone)" went to test out the game, attached the USB microphone, inserted the game disc into the drive and started it up, immediately I get an "Error #002" message telling me to eject the disc, and restart my console. Which did not help. My Wii has been soft-modded but the game disc is a store bought brand new, and looking at other postings I'm not sure if the fixes people suggest will work in my case, but I'm hopping that someone will know the answer to fix the problem. - Additional information: purchased Wii new (black edition) back in late December 2010 - OS version is 4.2u, I have an external hard drive attached via USB port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eks1910 View Post
    I have an external hard drive attached via USB port.
    Did you try to play the retail disc WITHOUT any other devices plugged in?

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    Are you ios's up to date?

    You can update them using the ios update pack from Maui guide
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    hey! plz help! ive been having this same problem but i have been trying to load codes onto a different game through gecko and it gives me this error code. i have tried everything. plz help me


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