My Wii is korean wii with homebrew installed and i was able to play US mario kart and some japanese games as well as original korean games.I think there is a modchip installed though i am not sure about it.
I recently moved to US San Jose and bought Wii fit plus with balance board.
I inserted the wii fit plus disc and clicked on the load disc channel,it has asked somethings in korean and i just clicked ok and then it was trying to connect to WiFi,however i have never configured wifi.
As it was trying to connect to internet i powered it off and on it again and all i see is Pink and Green Lines nothing else.
The remote is not even connected but i hear the cd being read.
So i assume this is bricked,please let me know if i am wrong.
I just wanted to know if i buy the savemii card will it help me in unbricking the Wii.