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Thread: 8600+ rom pack

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    8600+ rom pack

    i have the iso 4.36gb file contains over 8600+ game for the wii with modchip. runs as gamecube disc. every game from nintendo, super nintendo, genesis, sega, gameboy, etc. saves game saves to gamecube memory card. is there a tracker you guys use for torrents i can upload it to. so you can dl if you want.. i dont use public trackers personally so i cant post a link yet. any help and ill have it up asap.

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    theres a DL section, but thats it

    no tracker for us =P

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    That would be handy to have, care to pm me a link to get it?

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    i can give the link to dl it.. but i dont have a public tracker to send the file to. what is a good open tracker public torrent group that you personally use that i may up the file to. so you may then download it off of?

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    I'm a usenet/newsgroup guy, I have never even downloaded a torrent. Is this file something you created or you downloaded from somewhere? If you downloaded it, what is the name of the file, maybe I can search it out? I have tried searching for an nzb for something like this, but no luck so far.

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    Anyone wanting this file, it is WED-iND. Just type that into your search box and you will be led to it. You can find it posted at torrent sites and in the newsgroups, but the post was 143 days ago, so giganews might be your only hope.

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    if you cant find it or download the file anywhere let me know. im gonna search for a site that will let me upload a file thats over 4 gigs.. if not ill torrent the file and post a link to dl the torrent. that should work. im not to sure about how torrents and trackers work. but i download off private group trackers. thats where i got this originally.

    ok i have used the following tracker announce to creat the torrent file .... file name should be megarom.iso 4.3gig file size. you can download the torrent file here. this should call the tracker i used and have you start downloading off me asap. let me know if it works.
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    Can't get it to download

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    I didn't know that you could do that with a mod chip... have/run all the games on one disc. What chip allows that?

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    all, it was a edited GC game =P


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