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Thread: Looking to buying "help"

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    Looking to buying "help"

    If I can get some assistance into having my problem solved, I absolutely would not mind transferring a "service fee" through paypal in order to compensate the helper.

    My Wii is a modded Korean Wii. System version 3.3K.

    My problem is that no matter how many backups I burn, it does not work.

    I'm only doing this because I'm frustrated with my efforts in the regular forums. If this message violates the forum rules (which I've read, and saw nothing banning asking for services here in this subsection-forum) I'll be glad to remove this tread instantly (or I suppose the mods would do so for me..)

    Thank you.

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    Maybe try to bring your Wii up to date. Follow the softmod any Wii guide and you should be good to go.

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    While not exactly against the rules I believe that most everyone would agree with me on this one. Why don't we help you to the best of our abilities and if you found the forum helpful and your problem solved then make a forum donation rather than paying someone? You can even make me happy and click my Muscle March link.

    How are you trying to launch your backups? Have you checked the Wii Drive Chip Database to see if your drive can play DVD backups?
    "Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help." - Eric S. Raymond

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    You won't find any "mods for hire" here, but we are willing to help members. As mentioned if your wii is newer you might not be able to load dvds and could be limited to usb hdd loading. One sure fire way to get as up to date as possible is to follow the softmod any wii link in my signature. If you still feel the need to pay the site accepts donations that are used to maintain our operating expenses. Good luck.


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