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Thread: Getting 16 GB sdhc Card to Work on Games for Firmware 3.x

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    Us Getting 16 GB sdhc Card to Work on Games for Firmware 3.x

    Hello, I hacked my Wii and Everything works fine on it except when I try to use my 16 gb sdhc card when playing Rock Band 3. The error says that it cannot use the sd card. I tried to update my ios's but I get the same error. I don't want to update my firmware so is there any other way of getting the SD card to work? I have firmware 3.x and the first launch console from November 2006.

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    Have u got 223 224 installed?

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    You have to update to system menu 4.0 or above to use SDHC cards. Preferably system menu 4.1.
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    Ya I already have cios 222/223. So I have to update the Wii's firmware and re-hack it Will the Wii brick when I update it since I've updated the ios's already? Thanks again for the feedback guys!

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    Ok finally figured out what to do. First I updated my system firmware to 4.1 with boot-mii. Then Rock Band 3 still wasn't reading the SD card when I was using cios 249 rev 20b with base 57. So I installed cios 249 rev 20b with base 56. I was finally able to turn on the SD card with Rock Band 3. The reason why I didn't want to use cios 223 was because I installed the DLC hack and it only works with cios 249. Thanks again guys for the advice!
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