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Thread: Used Wii with strange mod chip-D2CKey?

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    Used Wii with strange mod chip-D2CKey?


    I got a used Wii for christmas from my sister. It came with an uninstalled mod chip and wiiclip.
    The wii clip was bent, and did not fit to the pins and shape of the mod chip.

    I checked all the pictures on www. wii-clip .com and it looks like the wii clip is genuine but for WASABI and D2SUN. It's broken anyway, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

    The mod chip itself does not have any writing on it besides ROHS and is white.
    I checked the pictures on again and it looks like the d2ckey. Looks like some things on it have different positions but I am sure there are different revisions etc.
    My questions are: So this is likely a d2ckey clone, or not? Have you seen those before and do they work? Are they being used anymore, or should I buy a newer chip (and which one).

    My Wii is an LU5293 with GC2-D2C (v1).

    Pics of the chip and wii clip:
    Wii Clip

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    its a d2ckey clone, it may still work, but if it doesnt then get a newer chip
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Where can I get a wii clip for it?

    And real quick, what are the disadvantages of using an old chip?


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